Focus on quality

We have the full set of professional consulting methodologies – acquired and tested in practice over many years in consulting and management functions. We validate inputs from different angles in the consulting process which is led by trained professionals. We operate a quality management system to ensure that all of our client deliverables meet highest quality standards.

Objective and impartial advice

We have no vested interest in the outcome of our activities other than meeting the client’s objectives. Our team has an international reputation for providing independent and unbiased consultancy services. SpaceTec is not influenced by, has no interest in, nor political ties to any government organisation, industrial player or service provider, nor any other particular interest group.

Bringing expertise that matters

We provide a balanced blend of technical subject experts and trained consultants adapted to the client’s needs.

Solutions that work

We deliver sustainable results. We acknowledge that space projects are typically long-term projects – hence we intend to deliver results that acknowledge this challenging temporal perspective in the space domain.

Dedicated to space and its ecosystem

We are a dedicated investment and consulting firm focusing on space and its terrestrial applications. We are unique in the sense that we bring together years of craftsmanship with a deep expertise of the space value chain.