– Supporting EGNSS and European industry in Asia since 2012

SpaceTec Partners is now entering its sixth year as coordinator of the primary European GNSS outreach programme for Asia., an initiative launched by the European Commission, promotes European GNSS technology and develops GNSS industrial cooperation activities between the GNSS industry in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Over the past years, has helped over a dozen European companies to find suppliers, research partners and customers in China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. With a growing community of over 100 GNSS-related businesses, the brand is now established as one of the top addresses for those seeking industrial collaboration opportunities in Asia.

The initiative builds on a team of GNSS experts spread across the entire Asian continent. With partners, such as the European Chambers of Commerce in China and Taiwan, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the Investment Innovation & Research Alliance in India, is rooted deep within the regional GNSS communities. By scouting for local interests, trends and opportunities, the initiative enables European businesses to see behind the curtain spanned by geographic distance, language, and cultural differences.

While is widely acknowledged as an effective industry support programme, the team is continuously adapting the programme to changing industry needs and shifting markets. For 2017, will readjust the portfolio of activities to better support businesses in areas where help is most needed.

Undoubtedly, the evolving Asian GNSS landscape will continue to represent a land of opportunity even for smaller foreign players. is thus poised to continue its services for the European industry up to the declaration of full operating capability of Galileo, in 2020. 

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