A workshop to discuss the Copernicus value chain organised by SpaceTec

The objective of the workshop was to obtain a clearer view of the Copernicus ecosystem as well as to properly identify the barriers to entry and key enablers for market uptake so as to allow the Copernicus programme to produce all the expected benefits. It took place at the Crowne Plaza, in Brussels, on the 26th and 27th of April. On the main stage, experts from the EC, ESA, EARSC, and the BDVA shared their views, as well as representatives from the end-user community and the start-up world. Six breakout sessions were organised on the topics of the roles of the public and private sectors, support to start-ups and incubators, interoperability, internationalisation, EO industry needs versus big data capabilities, and boosting demand for EO-enabled services. Over 180 participants attended from all over Europe, representing a wide variety of communities all along the Copernicus value chain.

The presentations and the photos of the event will be available at: http://www.copernicus.eu/value-chain-workshop