Earth Observation

Space Tec has broad expertise in Earth Observation and the commercial and institutional angles of it. Our consultants’ expertise as managers, consultants and advisors for commercial and institutional programmes is an asset to our institutional clients.

SpaceTec offers in-depth expertise in the Earth Observation domain, having hands-on experience in both the up-, mid- and downstream sectors and in many of the new EO applications. We possess in particular deep expertise in Emergency Response, EO-enabled Security, and Agriculture. SpaceTec has been very active in working on the engagement of Regional & Local Authorities in Earth Observation programmes.

Case studies

The European Commission has overall responsibility for collecting user needs and requirements for the next generation of the Copernicus Space Component and delivering to ESA a user requirements document by mid-2017. DG GROW has entrusted a consortium of contractors to assist in the process and make sure a user driven approach is followed. SpaceTec, with the support of Noveltis, is responsible for gathering user needs and requirements in the domains of Emergency Management, Climate Change, Marine Environment Monitoring, and for contributing to the user needs gathering activities in the domain of Land Monitoring.

The ONION project, implemented by a consortium of 8 partners, coordinated by Thales Alenia Space France, will explore fractionated and federated satellite systems starting from the analysis of emerging needs in the European EO market. These systems envision the distribution of spacecraft functionalities amongst multiple cooperating nodes, allocated on different orbital planes, for various applications ranging from Earth Observation to Space Science. STP’s contribution involves stakeholder needs analysis and project impact optimisation, by leading the communication and exploitation parts of the project. 

SpaceTec has many years of experience in Copernicus applications for Emergency Management. Our team has been involved in landmark EC projects: BOSS4GMES (responsible for communications and economic modelling), SAFER and linkER (Copernicus pre-operational Emergency Response Service). Moreover, SpaceTec has been entrusted by the EC with the production of the User Guide of the new operational service (Copernicus EMS – Mapping). This guide consists of a package of several documents (e.g. product portfolio, service overview, quick start guide) providing the users with all necessary information about the service. In addition SpaceTec has designed the publicly accessible EMS portal.

Beyond the immediate Copernicus-related activities, SpaceTec has engaged in other European Civil Protection projects such as PPRD South (EUROMED Civil Protection Programme) - e.g. through a SpaceTec-produced video for the Italian and French civil protection departments. The video was recently praised by the EC Commissioner for Civil Protection.

SpaceTec Partners led a consortium of 10 partners aimed at fostering the uptake of the Copernicus downstream services among Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs). Several tools and products have been developed with a view to benefit the various communities involved in Copernicus, i.e. Service Providers, Academia and Research Centers as well as LRAs.

On a regional level, SpaceTec coordinates a group of leading agricultural equipment providers in exploring how to improve productions processes with the use of Earth Observation data for large scale agriculture in Eastern Europe with support of the Bavarian Government.