Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions have received traction in Europe with the high growth of mobile applications and the increased penetration of smart phones. The European Commission has put a focus on this growth industry to be a trigger for even broader potential. SpaceTec is providing its investment, coaching and project experience in tailored programmes in this regard.

Case studies

The Mobicap initiative aims at facilitating access to finance for start-ups in Mobile & Mobility. Mobicap is driven by SpaceTec Capital and supported by project partners in Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom. After having carefully analysed the demand and supply side of financing in the sector, the project’s financial instruments to be established are a sector focused fund and related co-financing models to effectively provide financing solutions. To complete this ecosystem for access to finance, coaching networks and tools are developed providing investment readiness training and advice. Matchmaking events are also organised to provide opportunities to meet investors with knowledge and interest in the sector.

A start-up in vector map conflation technology - developed at TU Munich - to create scalable high resolution vector maps, was financed by SpaceTec Capital in cooperation with leading German seed funds. SpaceTec Capital provided not only financing but also active coaching and business advisory in investor relations, fundraising, business strategy and business development.