Satellite Communication

One of the historical applications of space has been Satellite Communications and this is still one of the key pillars of economic space activities worldwide. SpaceTec Partners have provided insight on the SatCom markets to very diverse set of clients, helping them to develop business, understand the market and explore new opportunities. SpaceTec consultants are regularly demanded to provide keynotes at international SatCom conferences.

Case studies

With the recent or planned entry of new member states of the Central and Eastern European region to an international space agency, the client requested a thorough analysis of the capabilities of the respective industries in the Satellite Communications market in order to identify opportunities for SatCom players from these countries.

For an institutional client in the Space Industry, SpaceTec performed a strategic analysis of the Indian and Chinese Satellite Communication sectors, providing insights into the space value chains as well as institutional and industrial strategies. In addition the study provided a competitive analysis and recommendations for the client.