Satellite Navigation

Satellite Navigation is a key enabling technology and innovation driver for the modern economy. With Europe developing and launching its own GNSS systems, political interest has never been higher and this momentum offers great possibilities for businesses in Europe. SpaceTec is at the forefront of satellite navigation, helping institutions to shape the future of this domain and helping young companies in thriving in this growth sector.

Case studies

A SpaceTec-led consortium defined an industrial cooperation strategy regarding the applications of European navigation satellites in selected Asian countries, highlighting the mutual interests. SpaceTec facilitated concrete collaboration opportunities between European and Asian companies, and raised awareness of the concerning space infrastructure in order to ensure valorisation of the public investments.

Thanks to its expertise in Satellite Navigation, SpaceTec has been selected to provide technical management support for a GNSS Space Based Augmentation System Programme to support the endeavour both in technical terms as well as in managing the supplier relationships. STP has set up a dedicated team to accomplish these tasks, pooling technical, economic and programmatic expertise, speaking the language of GNSS engineers, users and leaders.

SpaceTec consultants supported a joint venture of different institutions in a complex evaluation procedure for a multi-billion satellite system constellation. The work included refinement of the evaluation logic as well as provision of analytical/strategic support for assigned evaluators.