Security & Defence

Several of SpaceTec's key personnel have accumulated many years of experience in Security and Defence in areas as varied as General Management, Business Development, Marketing and Policy Studies. The firm therefore offers comprehensive insights into these sectors, their stakeholders and their specificities.

Case studies

Drones represent a challenging area for European policy-makers, industry and regulators. In order to support the development of this emerging market, the project will build an online platform to provide start-ups, SME’s and hobbyists the necessary information about the fundamental rules governing the legal operation of drones in all EU Member States. Involved in the field of drone since 2012, SpaceTec is the coordinator of DroneRules, this new challenging project which is funded the EU COSME programme and is responsible for project management and strategic communication. More information on: www:

SpaceTec is and has been the leader of communication and dissemination activities in research and development projects carried out in the context of the Copernicus programme (i.e. G-MOSAIC, BRIDGES, DOLPHIN, G-NEXT and G-SEXTANT). The main activities carried out included: development of design look and feel, conception and design of websites and project leaflets, issue of specialised magazines (‘Window on GMES’ publication). In some of these projects, SpaceTec is conducting studies related to possible governance options and related cost-benefit analysis.

The TIRAMISU FP7 project aimed at developing a toolbox that will cover the main humanitarian demining action activities, from the survey of large areas to the actual disposal of explosive hazards, including mine risk education. As member of the Project Management Board, SpaceTec was responsible for all the communication activities of the project.