At SpaceTec Capital we walk the talk and apart from our consulting and coaching we provide financing solutions to start-ups and SMEs in Europe. Our early stage investments into space-related applications companies are often provided in syndicate with business angels and public funds.

More specifically we are specialised in:

  • Supporting fundraising and liaison with private investors and public co-investment funds
  • Structuring financing rounds (seed funds & venture capital)
  • Selectively investing in early-stage start-ups

We are continuously looking for start-ups in our activity scope. If you have great ideas but lack the financing to realise your projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Investment and Coaching Case Studies

A European EO satellite operator faced bankruptcy after several failed attempts to attract new investors. SpaceTec Capital Partners played a pivotal role in bringing together an entrepreneur & investor team and developing a successful bid and strategy for the restart of the debt buried company.

The founder team of a mapping technology start-up approached SpaceTec for support in fundraising. SpaceTec engaged as co-investor through several rounds of financing worth more than two million euro. Active coaching and business advisory was provided over nearly three years and included investor relations, fundraising, business strategy and business development.

A consulting client pointed his friend, the founder of a mobile content start-up, to SpaceTec. The founders and SpaceTec were a good match. A jointly selected coaching system allowed an engagement of SpaceTec in fundraising, ultimately leading to pool investment between several early stage investment funds and SpaceTec Capital.

SpaceTec Capital is currently building on its broad expertise and is developing access-to-finance instruments aimed at start-ups and SMEs in space-related sectors with support from the European Commission and project partners in Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom.