Industry Expertise

SpaceTec's broad area of expertise is focused on space and its applications. Nevertheless, we believe in cross-fertilisation of industry's best practices and our consultants have gained experience in other sectors as well.


Earth Observation
Space Tec has broad expertise in Earth Observation and the commercial and institutional angles of it. Our consultants’ expertise as managers, consultants and advisors for commercial and institutional programmes is an asset to our institutional clients.


Satellite Navigation
Satellite Navigation is a key enabling technology and innovation driver for the modern economy. With Europe developing and launching its own GNSS systems, political interest has never been higher and this momentum offers great possibilities for businesses in Europe. SpaceTec is at the forefront of satellite navigation, helping institutions to shape the future of this domain and helping young companies in thriving in this growth sector.


Satellite Communication
One of the historical applications of space has been Satellite Communications and this is still one of the key pillars of economic space activities worldwide. SpaceTec Partners have provided insight on the SatCom markets to very diverse set of clients, helping them to develop business, understanding the market and explore new opportunities. SpaceTec Consultants are regularly demanded to provide keynotes at international SatCom conferences.


NewSpace refers to the emergence of the private spaceflight industry. New space ventures are increasingly created, such as private launch companies, small satellite constellations, or sub-orbital tourism, as well as more specific efforts to reinvent the traditional space industry supply chain. SpaceTec is at the forefront of this exciting adventure providing strategy consulting services to key actors, supporting the early exploitation of innovative industry concepts, and fulfilling advisory and expert roles.


Space Exploration
SpaceTec Partners’ consultants have a solid background and many years of involvement in activities related to Space Exploration at an academic, institutional and industrial level. Thus the team can support clients and provide solutions in this cutting-edge sector.


Security & Defence
Several of SpaceTec's key personnel have accumulated many years of experience in Security and Defence in areas as varied as General Management, Business Development, Marketing and Policy Studies. The firm therefore offers comprehensive insights into these sectors, their stakeholders and their specificities.


Transport & Aviation
SpaceTec consultants have worked on various projects in the Transport & Aviation domain. While this is not a focus area of SpaceTec, we do believe that cross-fertilisation between space and other related areas provides added-value to our clients.


Mobile & Mobility Services
The Mobile & Mobility Services industry has received tracking in Europe with the high growth of mobile applications and the increased penetration of smart phones. SpaceTec is providing its investment, coaching and project experience in tailored programmes in this regard.


As one of the domains that will impact the citizens of the future, Energy is one of the areas SpaceTec consultants built up expertise.