SpaceTec Partners is an accredited consultancy for coaching start-ups and SMEs by the German HighTech Gründerfonds, BayernKapital and Gründerwettbewerb government funded coaching schemes. We have a track record of providing the following coaching services in our industry domains:

  • Review and refine business plans and business proposition
  • Develop business strategy: market & competitive analysis, business development, scaling of operations and internationalisation
  • Identify potential customers and approach strategy
  • Support licence and co-operation agreements
  • Build successful teams and support recruiting
  • Provide access to an extensive network in industry and institutions

In-house coaches as well as an expanding network of international coaches provide crucial support for start-ups and SMEs during venture academies and workshops. 

Case studies

A tier-3 space SME, producing space components, had very limited exposure to the end-customer limiting its ability to grow its business. SpaceTec held a series of workshops with the SME to develop a strategy for positioning with system integrators and higher visibility with the institutional space customers.

A large early stage fund saw one of its Mobile Services portfolio companies in need of prioritising its business development directions. SpaceTec coaches worked with the founders in an interactive mode for a few weeks to define in particular a strategy and a pragmatic approach towards a tier-1 automotive supplier. One year later the tier-1 supplier became a major investor in the young company.

SpaceTec’s Coaching portfolio

SpaceTec Partners is also coaching start-ups in regards of their financing needs and provides assistance by:

  • Supporting fundraising and liaison with private investors and public co-investment funds
  • Structure financing rounds (seed funds & venture capital)