Programme Management

SpaceTec has proven programme management skills and has unique experience in assembling interdisciplinary teams working on complex research projects. We assist public institutions and consortia with:

  • Project & programme management
  • Administrative support
  • Proposal development & management

SpaceTec has an in-depth knowledge of the European Union's Framework Programme for Research & Development (Horizon 2020):

  • Horizon 2020 administrative and financial regulations
  • Evaluation procedures
  • EC Research Executive Agency

In addition we possess unique methodologies and tools, such as a unique web-based collaborative environment specially designed for Horizon 2020 proposal preparation and programme management.

Case studies

The ONION project, implemented by a consortium of 8 partners, coordinated by Thales Alenia Space France, will explore fractionated and federated satellite systems starting from the analysis of emerging needs in the European EO market. These systems envision the distribution of spacecraft functionalities amongst multiple cooperating nodes, allocated on different orbital planes, for various applications ranging from Earth Observation to Space Science. STP’s contribution involves stakeholder needs analysis and project impact optimisation, by leading the communication and exploitation parts of the project. 

Thanks to its expertise in Satellite Navigation, SpaceTec has been selected to provide technical management support for a GNSS Space Based Augmentation System Programme to support the endeavour both in technical terms as well as in managing the supplier relationships. STP has set up a dedicated team to accomplish these tasks, pooling technical, economic and programmatic expertise, speaking the language of GNSS engineers, programme leaders, suppliers and users.

SpaceTec consultants supported a joint venture of different institutions in a complex evaluation procedure for a multi-billion satellite system constellation. The work included refinement of the evaluation logic as well as provision of analytical/strategic support for assigned evaluators.

The firm participates in an FP7 project that concentrates its activities on developing unmanned components for assisting Search and Rescue teams in catastrophe scenarios. It focuses on developing unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles, equipped with last generation detection sensors. SpaceTec Partners is participating in the consortium as member of the Project Management Board and is in charge of the communication and exploitation activities including user engagement.

SpaceTec Partners coordinated an EC-funded project (FP7 - Coordination and Support Action) of 10 partners bringing together public and private entities with the objective to foster the uptake of the Copernicus downstream services among Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs). As Coordinator, SpaceTec Partners steered and supervised the whole consortium as well as the coordination with other projects and relations with European Institutions. The project was deemed successful and the European Commission decided to fund project continuation.