Strategy & Management Consulting

SpaceTec has ample experience in pragmatically applying consulting techniques of the private sector to both the space domain and public sector environment. What sets us apart is the mastery of the ‘hypotheses-driven methodology’ and our strong space industry expertise as well as technical knowledge. Our study philosophy is strongly fact-based and data-driven to be used to validate key assumptions from an external and independent perspective.

We are working for private customers and public institutions such as the European Commission, GSA and ESA - always in an independent capacity as strategy and policy advisors building on a long history of consulting work.

Case studies

A SpaceTec-led consortium defines an industrial cooperation strategy regarding the applications of European navigation satellites in selected Asian countries, highlighting the mutual interests. We facilitate concrete collaboration opportunities between European and Asian companies, and raise awareness of the concerning space infrastructure in order to ensure valorisation of the public investments.

As part of a consortium, SpaceTec contributed to a cost-benefit analysis for a European Earth Observation Programme, with the objective of assessing the socio-economic benefits. The study evaluated benefits in 18 impact areas, both qualitatively and quantitatively. SpaceTec made a significant contribution to the study in relation to the analysis of operational services, based on its extensive and long-standing experience of the EO community and knowledge of the programme’s history.

The European Commission has overall responsibility for collecting user needs and requirements for the next generation of the Copernicus Space Component and delivering to ESA a user requirements document by mid-2017. DG GROW has entrusted a consortium of contractors to assist in the process and make sure a user driven approach is followed. SpaceTec, with the support of Noveltis, is responsible for gathering user needs and requirements in the domains of Emergency Management, Climate Change, Marine Environment Monitoring, and for contributing to the user needs gathering activities in the domain of Land Monitoring.

For an institutional client in the Space Industry, SpaceTec performed a strategic analysis of the Indian and Chinese Satellite Communication sectors, giving a deepened insight in the space value chains and institutional & industrial strategies. In addition the study provided a competitive analysis and recommendations to the client.